We are developing sophisticated software to allow us to make interurban travel faster and more efficient.

Network design

We are developing a transport demand modelling tool to allow us to identify profitable areas to introduce new interurban coach services. We use Activity Based Modelling (ABM) where we predict the behaviour of the GB population when offered competing travel opportunities for interurban trips. Using this model we are able to predict the demand for travel by car, rail and express coach and also identify areas where profitable new agile services could be provided.

Agile scheduling

We are developing an agile scheduling system that respond in real time to changing demand and traffic conditions. We use machine learning algorithms to continually search for better routing for vehicles to meet reduce journey time for passengers and improve profitability for operators.

Real-time management

We are developing software to manage fleets of interurban coaches in real-time, allowing operators to see the location and prognosis for every vehicle and for every booked trip and intervene as necessary.

Working in conjunction with the agile scheduling (and rescheduling)  described above this allows an operator to respond promptly and effectively to changing traffic conditions and demand.