Reinventing interurban travel

Aspirational vehicles

Vehicles will provide generous space for 30 passengers and their luggage, entered via a wide step-free entrance utilising automated ticket inspection for fast and easy boarding. An electric drivetrain with active ride control will provide an amazingly comfortable ‘train like’ ride. Use of smaller vehicles operating at a higher frequency with destination despatch will result in less waiting around for a service and less intermediate stops.

We will then be able to say goodbye finally to large diesel vehicles with narrow entrances, multiple steps leading to rows of cramped seats packed so close together that it is hardly possible to even open a laptop. Also saying goodbye to the time taken for the driver to stow luggage in lockers under the vehicle. More


Agile scheduling

Vehicle schedules will be adjusted in real-time in response to traffic conditions to get everyone to their destination quickly and efficiently by reducing removing unnecessary stops, eliminate ‘recovery time’ and  reducing the number of changes that people have to make. Riders will be kept informed about their travel arrangements at all times. More


Efficient roads

Roads will be optimised to move people efficiently and reliably with priority given to shared vehicles with multiple occupants. A variable fee, which will be adjusted in advance according to predicted demand, will be charged for low-occupancy vehicle that use the road. More


Inline station

A network of inline coachway stations will be integrated into the motorway network allowing coaches to stop, transfer passengers and continue on their journeys within seconds. Passengers will then be able to use a variety of local transport options to complete their  journey. Travel times are shorter for passengers and less expensive for the operator to provide resulting in more passengers at lower fares. More


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